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Mar 25, 2013 11:00am PDT
the federal government keeping a national registry of gun owners and sales. >> a conservative democrat from west virginia is in talks with the n.r.a. of expanding background checks which could help stop a republican filibuster in the senate. >> right now the city of stockton in federal court is poised to become the largest city in the nation to enter bankruptcy. they face a four-day fight over the chapter 9 bankruptcy petition. creditors are challenging the move. for years the city based salaries and benefits and borrowing on anticipated developer fees and increasing property tax revenue but that vanished when the mortgage bubble burst and slashed tens in millions in services and programs but drew the line at cutting pensions or retiree benefits. >> mike is off but lisa is here with the forecast. >> it has been cloudy and cool this morning. we are seeing some sunshine in parts of the bay but still looking mild out there. don't want to give it all away we have the last week of march, easter week, and that is all straight ahead. >> plus, a new warning from medical experts, what
Mar 20, 2013 11:00am PDT
visiting jordan on this trip and he will be in the region until saturday. >> a new government study this morning shows the rise in the number of children with autism. the centers for disease control says one in 50 school kids are now considered autistic a disorder that can affect kids' socially, intellectually, and behaviorally. the ratio is a sharp increase from the one in 150 a decade ago. our medical editor explains why the biggest jump is seen. >> ask parents if their child was severe or moderate or mild the biggest increase was in the "mild" area. it was flat when you look at children with severe autism. that does point to better recognition. >> the doctor says that genes and environmental factors should be looked at and he believes these results show an urgent need to focus on autism causes, prevention, and treatment. >> mike nicco is keeping an eye on the sky looking no rain. >> open up the weather window and i will show you where it is looking to the east bay you can see the lower clouds working out of the north bay and across the central bay. to give you a timeline for when
Mar 21, 2013 11:00am PDT
strikes right at the integrity of oakland government. citizens and businesses should be able to live and transact business in a city they know plays by the rules. >> i have never threatened any city staff person regarding their job. i have been an elected official for 16 years and a staff person in the city of oakland for another 14 years. out of 30 years of being an employee of the city of oakland suddenly, now, city staff is afraid of me? i don't think that is the case. >> an aide to the councilman named, that person tried to use their influence to fix a pack -- parking ticket. the allegation has been forwarded to the district attorney in alameda. it is not clear if charges will be filed. the mayor is troubled about the report and will have something to say in a few hours. we have reached out to the councilman and she has not responded. >> happening right now, golden gate bridge officials hold a hearing to talk about raising the speed limit at the toll plaza. they want to increase the recommended speed from five miles per hour to 25 miles per hour as part of the switch to all elect
Mar 18, 2013 11:00am PDT
government. >> pope francis is gearing up for the first official mastectomy at st. peter's square with the first audience today with the visiting head of state, a president with whom he has clashed over a socially liberal policies. >> pope francis has charmed the faithful from the humility. speaking to 150,000 at st. peter's square off the cuff. with the first south american pope he cannot escape the past. he cigaretted -- greeted the president of argentina. in the past they have been at crossroads over the dirty war between 1976 and 19839 military dictatorship killed and torture up to 30,000 people. the church is accuses of complicit in the crimes. >> abc was told that francis had the power to save his family and he refused. human rights campaigners accusebergbergberg of letting two of his priests be action deducted and failing to apologize for the church actions over records of what it did. they deserve better. all of us deserve better. >> francis has said he battled the dictators in private meetings. >> there were church leaders who were very close and way too close to the military
Mar 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
under a deal with the government. >> state with abc7 news for continuing coverage of this deadly explosion at the hawthorne army depot in nevada. we will bring you any new information as it becomes available. we will have the latest developments on >> we have sprinkles now, but the better weather is on way. here is our meteorologist, mike nicco, with live doppler 7 hd. >> it has been quiet this morning. live doppler 7 hd shows picking up the first signs of more wet weather headed toward the north bay, especially further to the north you can see along mendocino county and crescent city moving from west to east right now. this will extend down toward us and fill in so scattered sprinkles are possible in the afternoon. we need the rain. we are nearly 4" in the deficit to 6.5" in a deficit. periods of light rain in the north bay tonight. most of us get our rain tomorrow morning. kristen? cheryl? >> thank you very much. in san francisco, the bart station at powell street is opened against after bart service was stopped. sky 7 was over the scene. the object was found at m
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5